Gibson Les Paul Studio 70s Tribute

This is a guest post by Steve Williams

The newly announced Gibson Les Paul Studio 70s Tribute joins two other 70’s tribute guitars in the Gibson range. Although when we think of Les Paul’s we don’t necessarily think of the 70s, as the guitars most revolutionary era was mainly in the 1950s, however the 70’s saw some of the most beautiful and recognisable guitars ever produced.

This particular Les Paul is based on the style of guitars from when Gibson was owned by Norlin industries, so that means the classic pared-back design and
completely new pickups; the 70s tribute is a very exciting guitar.

The most exciting feature of the Les Paul 70’s Tribute is the two mini humbuckers of a completely new design, which is a rare occurrence with Les Pauls. In fact in greatly resembles the Les Paul Deluxe from… yep you guessed it, the 70s.

These new pickups are based on the Alnico V magnet, but with a new piece configuration including dual steel blades.

The results are incredibly effective and actually produce higher output than other mini humbuckers, but as they are cheaper to produce they can be applied to more affordable guitars, making this one of the most inexpensive Gibson Les Pauls available.

The bridge pickup is wound for slightly higher output than the neck pickup. But despite all this it maintains its rich, vintage
tone with ringing chime and lots of sustain.

The Les Paul Studio 70s Tribute incorporates one of the most noticeable construction features from that decade of Les Pauls. The traditional Mahogany neck is swapped for a Maple one. Another of the guitars unique features is the introduction of the Volute.

This is a bump on the reverse side of the neck where the neck meets the headstock which is designed to reinforce the neck and improve sustain, this in coherence with the 17° headstock emphasises the temporal authenticity. The neck is then shaped to a SlimTaper profile and finished with a baked maple fingerboard and trapezoid inlays.

I think basing a Gibson Les Paul on a 70’s model was a brilliant idea as it’s such an underrated generation of guitars. Gibson have delivered with historical accuracy and that vintage feel yet maintaining modern aspects and continuing to look forward. It’s a truly brilliant guitar and it’s a Les Paul, so you know you’re getting guaranteed out and out quality. Plus for a US made Gibson LP its great value for money.

Its available in four finishes: Gold Top, Vintage Sunburst, Cherry and Silverburst and are available in a left handed equivalent.

Gibson Double Neck Guitar – Sweet Guitar & FREE shipping

Gibson Double Neck Guitar
Gibson Double Neck Guitar

Much like the other top guitar manufacturers, Gibson have been associated with some high profile stars over the years.

And when it comes to the Gibson double neck guitar this is most definitely the case.

The Gibson EDS 1275 Double Neck Electric Guitar is a reissue of the original model which was originally released in 1963. However, it wasn't really until the early 70s when it became a real icon in the guitar world.

John McLaughlin and Jimmy Page (of Led Zep of course) were the two leading users of the Gibson double neck guitar. So with this guitar you get two necks for the price of one! Awesome. The first is a 6 string neck and the other, a twelve string.

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This reissue from Gibson is completely hand made in Nashville Tennessee and is manufactured to an extremely high standard as you would expect.

But because of that this Gibson double neck guitar is also a limited edition. There are not, and probably will never be, many of them around. So if you're lucky enough to get your hands on it you will be the koolest kat on the block with your certificate of authenticity.

So let's dig deeper into this guitar's features.

The body is surprisingly light for a mahogany guitar body. This is a great improvement. If you've ever picked up one of the older Gibson double neck guitars you'll know they weigh a ton and aren't particularly comfortable to hang round the neck. However, this reissue is still a little on the heavy side with it's 2 necks. You just need to get yourself a good thick strap.

The two necks set on the body are made of solid maple both with 20 fret fingerboards of rosewood and of course inlays.

There are 2 three way selector switches, one for each neck and along with the tune-o-matic bridge enable you to create awesome sounds.

One of the best reasons I can see for getting this guitar is if you like to play 12 string electric. With both 12 and 6 string capabilities in your hands it means you don't have to carry that extra guitar to gigs. And Rickenbacker 12 strings can be heavy beasts!

This Gibson double neck guitar is getting great reviews but remember, there are only a few of them produced each year. And of course you get a Gibson Custom Shop hard shell case and certificate of authenticity to go with this stunning guitar.

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Gibson ES 335 Guitar – Get The Best Price

The Gibson ES 335 is a classic semi-hollowbody design.

Ever obsessed with tradition, Gibson is a company that always incorporates a particular style into their guitar models. Once they'd turned the guitar world upside down with their revolutionary Les Paul model in the fifties, they made a stunning comeback with a guitar steeped in Gibson's roots that combined both the benefits of a sold body with the style of a hollow body archtop.

In 1958 they released the Gibson ES 335 guitar which one year later evolved into a highly sought after model in 1959. Just as Gretsch have re-released their classic models Gibson are also now offering the 1959 classic ES 335 as a brand new 1959 ES-335 Dot Reissue.

Gibson Custom 1959 ES-335 Historic Dot Reissue Vintage Sunburst Gibson Custom 1959 ES-335 Historic Dot Reissue Vintage Sunburst

Gibson Custom have gone to great trouble to include exact details of this desirable and stylish classic guitar. It really is a beautiful instrument and a premium reflection of it's original self.

This ES-335 Dot Reissue is accurate in almost every detail to the original 1959 specifications. It has single ply cream binding on both the sides and the back and a traditional laminated maple top. A rounded 1959 neck bears pearloid dot inlays on it's Madagascar rosewood fretboard and the 24 and three quarter inch mahogany neck features a long tenon.

This 1959 ES-335 Dot Reissue emulates the original PAF tone by using Gibson's well known 57 classic humbucking pickups. This is in addition to it's period-accurate design and look.

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The guitar's beautiful natural tone is captures and relayed with authenticity and accuracy by use of the top quality "bumble bee" volume and tone potentiometers. All nickel hardware, vintage tulip tuners, holly headstock veneer and a lightweight aluminum tailpiece all add to the authenticity and style of the ES-335 Dot Reissue.

You can buy the 1959 ES-335 Dot Reissue in either an antique natural finish or sunburst with gloss or VOS treatments. There's a 250 production limit per finish and each guitar comes with it's own certificate of authenticity and custom shop reissue case.

This truly is a guitar of a lifetime.