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Online Guitar Courses – Here are my top 2

Looking for online guitar courses?

It's probably one of the best ways to learn guitar these days and the quality of the following online courses are high.

Online guitar courses can open doors for you and see the realization of your dreams.  If you are one of those people who want to be more than a beginner, there are things you can do to make this happen.

You can follow plans that will help you deliver all your skills as you seek to entertain crowds with your expertise.  However, for you to achieve all this, you have to have the skills.  Consequently, you will need to brush up to become just like a veteran in this field.  Online, you will find opportunities that are remarkable.

There are services you will find offering online guitar courses for free.  This can prove the best way to go as you part with just your time to achieve the knowledge required.  Look for sites and services that will offer you with services that are free with no extra costs.  One good place you can get some free lessons is at JamPlay and it's one of the two courses I recommend.

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Here, you will have an opportunity to connect with resources that will empower you in your endeavor.  You can enroll and get beginner acoustic lesson, electric guitar lessons and learn how to play 8 songs.

With this course you will be able to undertake both lead and rhythm guitar excellently.

There are vital things that you need to learn so that you can excel in this and you need to know them well.  One of these aspects includes the bending of notes which is possible as guitarist master the movement between notes.  Many are the pointers and guides that will play a key role in helping you achieve all the success you want.

The other excellent online guitar course I recommend is Guitar Tricks. They offer 24 free guitar lessons online and also a paid course.

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Other aspects that will come to play include intuitive emotional expression and this will also help in molding you.  Many are other things that will help you get what you are looking for in skills.  One thing not to forget is that you need commitment and effort coupled with a positive attitude and you will not regret doing this and making your dreams of playing guitar come true.

Guitar Success System: The only course you’ll ever need?

guitarsuccessReviewer: Keith Douglas
Website: Guitar Success System

If guitar has been your passion and you somehow just haven't got round to learning how to play the instrument, here is an opportunity in the form of a step-by-step online guitar course which will help you do so.

Guitar Success System by Eric Sloan is an online course which helps an avid guitar learner learn by way of ebook courses, video guitar lessons and audio play-alongs.

This guitar course comes with the three different levels in learning which are the beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The ebooks are printable which would make your learning even easier. The beginner level of the Guitar Success System includes 12 lessons which run into 37 pages and they throw light on various warming up exercises which will help you play better and learn better, essential techniques that you should know as a guitar player, how to tune your guitar in the first place, scales which can help you in playing better music, theory and foundation of music and many more.

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The intermediate level of the Guitar Success System contains 12 lessons that run into 35 pages which includes a whole host of must-know concepts in music, Coolest Rhythm and Soloing techniques, how to play Barre Chords and even strategies that will help you in playing them better, how to play the Blues and arpeggios and much more.

The third ebook is the Advanced level which comes in 16 lessons and runs into 55 pages which teaches how to play Jazz Guitar, Classical Guitar, advanced soloing techniques and ideas. It also teaches you exotic scales which will help you stand out amongst your friends learning to play guitar. Unique methods for soloing and music concepts that are to be learned by experienced players…all of these and many more come in the advanced level of the Guitar Success System.

guitarsuccessdvdbundleComing with a 60-day unconditional money back guarantee, and at only $19.95 as a limited offer for New Year (otherwise at $47, this is a course which comes with a lot of bonuses too in the form of Unique Guitar Tricks, 101 Tips on Improvisation and soloing, MP3 audio play-alongs and 130 video guitar lessons that cover all levels to watch and learn.

When you sign up for the Guitar Success course you get a few other surprise bonuses like Unlimited Teacher guidance, support and career advice; unlimited updates and new additions for lifetime and Online Guitar Audio Tuner.

I have no doubt that anyone who buys the Guitar Success System will find exactly what their looking for and rapidly advance their guitar skills to a high level.

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Learn Guitar Songs – Some FREE song lessons

As you know, I'm an advocate of buying guitar lessons rather than using free resources like YouTube. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, its good to have a system. With a paid course you get a path to follow which is designed to maximise your learning and get the best out of the course.

Compare that to randomly surfing round YouTube and getting distracted with ""related videos". The key to mastering guitar is focus and a well laid out course will help you do just that.

My partners over at JamPlay have kindly supplied some free lessons to showcase their teaching course. I'd highly recommend checking out JamPlay if you want to learn guitar songs - it's one of the best guitar learning systems out there.

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Here's a list of the free lessons of songs that I hope you'll like:

How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

Where To Find Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons

fingerpicking_guitarFingerpicking is a method of playing the guitar.  This is a method of playing the guitar in which the person uses their fingertips or fingernails to pluck the strings rather than using a plectrum.

The fingers are used directly on the strings and it creates a very light and unusual sound.  It may look quite challenging but anyone can learn how to fingerpick guitar with a few fingerpicking guitar lessons.

It’s important to get fingerpicking guitar lessons the way that is going to be easiest and most convenient for you.  The first would be to get signed up for a local music class or group in your area where they were offering fingerpicking guitar lessons.

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This allows you to work with an experienced guitarist to master the fingerpicking method of play but also get the chance to meet with fellow music lovers.  There are some people who prefer to work alone rather than in a group setting and in this case they could hire a private tutor to come to their home and get their fingerpicking guitar lessons this way.

You could also use the Internet to get your lessons.  Taking an online class or course is a great idea, especially if you’re someone who rarely has any free time.  If you’re someone who has sparse time available, learning online is a nice option to have because it allows you more freedom.  You won’t have to worry about having to constantly rearrange your life around your lessons.

There are hundreds of sites offering these lessons including True Fire and Jam Play.  Then there are also books and CDs that are available and which will teach you everything you need to know about fingerpicking.  Another option you have for taking fingerpicking guitar lessons is to install software on your computer.  You also get to learn at your own pace so you never have to be embarrassed that you’re taking a bit longer to learn or wait around for others if you’re a faster learner.

The sound of fingerpicking guitar is truly beautiful.  It’s a beautiful skill to learn and one that we hear often in jazz and blues songs.  No matter who you are and regardless of whether you have any past experience with guitar playing, you can learn to master the fingerpicking guitar skills.  These are the most popular methods and you’re sure to find one that that suits you well.

Where To Go For The Best Online Guitar Lessons

So you’re interested in learning to play the guitar.  Not only is it a great way to express yourself and your emotions but you can even continue on this path and get into it as a profession.  It can be a struggle to be a big rock star but if this is your goal, learning to play is of course the first step.  One of the most effective methods of learning to play the guitar is to go online and get lessons.

One of the best places you can head to online is Guitar Tricks.  There are certainly more than enough options to chose from, one being the Guitar Tricks online company.  They offer guitar lessons online with an enticing 24 free sample guitar lessons so you can check it out and see whether you’re interested in continuing on or not.  They have over 300 beginner guitar lessons to offer so you’ll never get bored and electric as well as acoustic and even fingerpicking guitar lessons to choose from.

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They have listings of such a variety of songs and you can pick and choose those that you’re interested in learning how to play.  They even have a list of different guitar tricks that you can learn that are sure to make you the talk of all your friends.  You can also head to Guitar Noise which is quite popular for offering some of the best online guitar lessons.  They keep things very clear which is one of their best features, to keep novice guitarists from getting overwhelmed and confused.

They will teach you step by step to become a master guitarist.  They are one of the top places to go for online guitar lessons because they offer such a one on one, personal instruction.  They are recognized as being the world’s biggest producer of free online guitar lessons.  If you’re more interested in getting online guitar lessons that come in video form because you find this method of learning easier, Free Guitar Videos would make a great choice.

Aspiring guitarists will find these step by step videos extremely rewarding and easy to follow.  Learning online offers some significant advantages to learning via other methods such as with a private tutor or music class.  No one says that learning to play the guitar is the easiest thing in the world but it’s important to stick to it and practice.  At least by learning online you can complete your lessons when you have the time and make it easiest and most convenient for yourself.

5 Guitar Buying Secrets For Newbies

guitarshopNew to the guitar shop? Here are 5 tips to banish any anxiety you may have about purchasing a new guitar.

1) How can I choose the best guitar for me with such a wide ranging number of guitars on the market these days?
The answer is to do as much research before going into the shop as possible. Buy 3 guitar magazines and read the reviews of the latest models. Note down the brand names and models of any that look attractive to you and have a reasonable price tag for your budget.

Search the internet for the models that you've noted down and see if you can find out what people are saying about them. Forums like this one are the perfect place to ask and try out your new knowledge.

Another way to get information is to ask members of any bands you go and see. Ask the guitarist what model he plays and what he likes about it. Often most guitarists are happy to talk about their equipment so don't be shy.

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Once you're armed with a little bit of knowledge then you can go into a guitar shop with your list and ask about trying some guitars. Apart from some unhelpful guitar shops (often large chains) most people who work in them are more than happy to help a newcomer select the best model for them.

However, be aware that they may also be trying to sell you the one that they get the most commission for so be prepared to put your foot down when it comes to your budget. Go in with a maximum amount that you are willing to spend. For beginners I would say around $200-$300 should be adequate.

2) I can't play guitar yet so how can I try out the guitars in the shop?
Best thing to do is to ask someone you know who can play to go along with you.  Do you have a friend who plays guitar? Ask them to try out the guitar so that you can hear what it sounds like and they can tell you if it's easy to play. If you're getting lessons then ask your teacher if your first lesson could be a trip to the guitar shop with him/her acting as your advisor and mentor.

3) I want to buy a decent acoustic guitar. What advice do you have?
it's quite difficult these days to get a shop that specializes in only acoustic guitars but if you can find one then go there. If not, try one of the larger chain stores. They will have a large acoustic section because acoustics are a popular seller. Again, try searching Google for "best acoustic for beginners" or something similar.

Some of the best acoustics in the world are Gibsons but they have a hefty price tag so they probably won't be within your budget. Whatever you decide make sure you get someone to play it in the shop for you so you can hear what it sounds like.

If you can't play then try taking a magazine with a chord diagram in it so that you can try out playing the chord on your chosen acoustic. Or ask one of the shop assistants to show you how to play a chord.

4) Are there any accessories that I should buy at the same time as my guitar?
I would suggest getting a case, a tuner, a guitar stand, a capo, a strap and 2 plectrums. For beginners I recommend soft plectrums. Remember, the cost of the guitar case will not be included in the price of the guitar and they are usually quite expensive, especially for a hard case.

I recommend getting one of the padded ones that go on your shoulders like a rucksack.  Often the accessories can add up to the same price as the guitar! So include it in your budget.

5) What's the difference between single coil pickups and humbucking pickups?
Humbucking pickups were invented by Gibson in the late 1950s and have a thicker, meatier sound that single coils. Humbucking pickups have 12 magnetic pins mounted on a plastic or metal block.

When you are trying to identify the pickups on a guitar, remember that the single coil pickup has 6 metal magnetic pins, usually set in a row on a piece of oval plastic or metal (eg Stratocaster). The problem with the single coils is that they are prone to interference from other electronic devices such as strip lights. You'll often hear buzzes and hums coming from the amps of Stratocaster players when they are playing in a venue with lots of different lights.

So before going to a guitar shop make sure you've done some advice but don't try to sound like an expert. Most guitar shops will be happy to help as long as you have some idea of what you want. And don't be shy to ask for advice from anyone!

Learn Guitar Online

So you've got yourself a guitar and you're thinking about getting lessons?

These days, the web is probably one of the first stops for people looking for good guitar lessons. Makes sense right? Why pay a hefty price for a guitar teacher when you can learn guitar online and have quality lessons streamed to your bedroom at midnight?

You Have Two Options

Now, you have two options. There are websites out there that provide free lessons. Some of these are pretty good and some are ... well let's just say, not so good. It's a bit hit and miss but you might be lucky and find a good one that works for you.

Higher Quality

You're other option is obviously to pay for an online course. Some of these charge a monthly fee while others have a one off charge. The advantage of paying for a course is that you will tend to get a much higher quality of materials - video, guitar tabs, chord charts etc.

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If you're going to learn guitar online I would highly recommend buying a course. You want to learn guitar properly right? So why not invest in a  professionally produced course. It will save you months of messing around trying to work stuff out.

The other great thing about a paid course is that it will have a structure to it that will make your learning so much easier and will guide you to your goal much faster than most free courses or watching random videos on YouTube.

There are some important things to watch out for though. Making sure you get the best course for your needs is most important. If you're a beginner you're going to want to get a course that includes how to play chords, how to hold your guitar,  how to tune the guitar,  how to read tabs, how to play songs and so on.

If you find a course that has all of these and more then you've come up trumps. You might want to find a program that teaches a few simple variations that will make you sound even more accomplished.

Where's the Best Place to Go?

Okay, let's have a look at the top places to go to if you want to learn guitar online. As soon as you subscribe or pay for these lessons you can start using them. There's no waiting around for DVDs to arrive in the post.

1) Best Overall Lessons: Guitar Tricks


gtlogoGuitar Tricks have been offering lessons since 1998. Believe it or not, that was before the mp3 file was invented. Guitar Tricks is a comprehensive collection of lessons and learning materials. It's a fast, easy and effective way to get your guitar chops up to scratch. They have a fundamentals section, courses and specific topics including blues, country and rock. You get immediate access and sign up for their free lessons to see if you 're going to like it.

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2) Best For Beginners: Jamorama


jamorama_largerectangleJamorama is a Step by Step Downloadable course, and members have access to a members area. The new Editions are Deluxe and Standard. The Standard Edition is a beginner to advanced course but focuses on learning to play chords and strumming.

The Deluxe Edition goes beyond the standard edition and takes the student into playing guitar solos, lead licks and scales.

The Deluxe Edition will provide the student with a comprehensive years worth of lessons and prepare them to play Famous Songs.
The Deluxe Edition includes assess to I really like SongPond - they have individual song lessons there for learning your favourites.

>>> Click here to read a full review. . .

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3) Best For Learning Songs: JamPlay


jamplayJamPlay has 362 hours of lessons from 34 teachers, including 196 song lessons. New lessons are added every single day. Instructors are also live on webcam 12+ hours each day to answer your questions. A good one if you primarily want to learn songs.

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4) Best For Rockin' Out! Guitar Superstars


guitar_superstarsI have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Guitar Superstars learning system will find exactly what they are looking for inside.

It's a painless system that covers all you need to know and do to learn guitar online really fast. And the trick is you can choose which teacher you want to study with. It works with both Mac and PC

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Learning How To Read Guitar Tabs: Your Best Tool For Learning Songs

One of the most important skills in learning to play guitar is to become intimately familiar with the neck of your guitar.

Hand in hand with becoming familiar with the notes on the neck of the guitar goes learning how to read guitar tabs. Guitar tabs represent a kind of short hand which is unique to those playing a guitar. It tells you which strings to hold down and which to leave open. The tabs also tell you which fret to place your finger on.

To learn to play guitar tabs you must first identify each string on the guitar. Starting with the thinnest first string you have an E which will be number 1. The second is B or number 2. The third is G or number three The fourth is D or number 4. The fifth is A or number 5 and the thickest string which is the sixth is E or number 6.

The boxes on the guitar neck which are known as frets are numbered from the far end (1) to the one nearest to you (usually about 19). Learning how to read guitar tabs means understanding which string to hold down and on which fret. For example, the notation might read 1-2 which means hold down the first string on the second fret. For example:

------ 2 ----------------------------------






To play guitar chords you have to hold down several strings at the same time. Chords are very easy to learn if you follow the guitar tabs. To play a C chord, the tab would read like this: 2-1 4-2 5-3. For a G chord it would read: 1-3 2-2 6-3. Studying chord charts can help you easily pick up playing by tabs. When you see a 0 by the string it means play the string without holding it down (play the string 'open').

C Major

-------- 0 ------

-------- 1 ------

-------- 0 ------

-------- 2 ------

-------- 3 ------


G Major

-------- 3 ------

-------- 0 ------

-------- 0 ------

-------- 0 ------

-------- 2 ------

--------3 -------

To be able to learn guitar tabs there are several other symbols you will need to understand. If you see 'h' in the notation it means to hammer on the note, the opposite would be to pull off the note which is noted by the letter 'g'. The letter 'b' tells you to bend the string to give the note a wobble effect. The letter 'r' is the code for releasing a note and moving on to the next one. When you see a '/', slide down to the next note by moving your finger on to the next note in the tab.

Learning how to read guitar tabs is one of the best ways to start learning songs quickly and easily. There are dozens of websites out there that have guitar tabs for most any song you know so it's well worth learning how to read them.