Yamaha FG700s Review

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Welcome to my Yamaha FG700s Review, where I outline the pros and cons of this guitar and whether or not to consider it as your acoustic guitar.

I assume you've reached this page because you're looking to buy a new guitar either as a beginner or even as a more experienced player.

The Yamaha FG700S is an entry-level, six string acoustic guitar. The guitar has a natural wood color with a satin finish to create a beautiful looking instrument. It has a reasonably low price point to allow for first time guitar buyers to purchase an affordable instrument, yet still contains the high quality of construction synonymous with the Yamaha name.

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Let's look at some of the features of the Yamaha FG700s

The guitar features a spruce top and a rosewood fingerboard, as well as die cast tuners. A large tortoise shell pick guard protects the body from any scratches. While many inexpensive guitars can play poorly due to shoddy manufacturing, people say that the Yamaha FG700S retains a smooth action to allow the beginner to learn guitar with a well made instrument.


  • Professional quality design and materials
  • A good smooth action to stop your fingers hurting
  • A great beginners instrument


  • No cutaway for reaching very high notes
  • A plastic saddle which might effect sound quality

Some may find the cost of the guitar to be a con compared to the price of some other starter guitars, but the lack of quality in many cheaper guitars make spending a small amount more for quality worth it.

This guitar is designed for anyone who needs a well constructed acoustic guitar. While a beginner will appreciate the price point and ease of play, even a seasoned guitar player will be able to enjoy the fantastic sound and action of the instrument. This makes for a great first guitar, and also can serve as a good back-up guitar if one is accustomed to using a pricier model.

Check out this in-depth video review of the Yamaha FG700s

If you are someone in the market for an acoustic guitar, give this model a look. It is a well-made and good sounding instrument that will meet your needs admirably. While it doesn't contain the bells and whistles of pricier models, it will perform admirably in almost any situation that requires a full bodied acoustic guitar.

What are people saying about this guitar?

People who already own the guitar have given fairly glowing praise of the Yamaha FG700S. One man had previously had trouble with other acoustic guitars that had overly high and unresponsive action. This had caused undue pain on his fingers to the point where he considered abandoning guitar playing altogether. When he tried out Yamaha's acoustic guitar, he found the action to be much more comfortable to the point that it rekindled his attraction to guitar playing.

Another customer found that the sound of the guitar was very desirable. There was no buzzing or poor resonance, and the sound was big and clear. The only complaint he had was the quality of the plastic saddle, and recommended replacing it with an ivory one.

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