The best Zoom H4n price?

Zoom H4n price
Zoom H4n

Many people are looking for the best online Zoom H4n price. Given the number of electronics online retailers these days it's sometimes confusing when you're shopping for a specific item.

After doing some in-depth online resarch I've concluded that you shouldn't pay more than $300 for the Zoom H4n. And you should really make sure you get free shipping with that too. The list price is $609.99.

For example, Amazon are currently offering a 50% discount on this recorder and are throwing in free shipping too.

But before you rush off to get the best Zoom H4n price, let's have a look at the Zoom H4n in more detail. This little recorder is perfectly competent and it can compete with the all the high-end models in the market.

Perfect for guitarists to record multiple tracks, the Zoom H4n is already earning rave reviews because of its amazing performance. The ‘N’ stands for next generation. They say that it provides world class recording features and is thought to be the most sophisticated device of its kind currently on the market.

The Zoom H4n Recorder is not just any run of the mill recording device. It is a jack of all trades because it boasts a multitude of recording formats, stereo headphones, quarter inch mono jacks and professional XLR.

Key Product Features

The Zoom H4n Recorder has had a lot of improvements since its predecessor. The first thing that one notices is its lightweight design but beware because some people are not happy with the size of it and apparantly it won't fit in your shirt pocket. Not a major problem for most people.

It incorporates a four track recording mode which is a welcome from the previous model. This mode records at CD quality. You can record from the device’s condenser mikes or from two input points providing for 24 and 48 phantom power at the bottom of it. There are three recording modes in this device – stereo, multi-channel and four track.

For gutiarists and bass player the in-built studio effects and amp modelling will come as a nice surprise.


  • Recording is extremely smooth and impeccable with no manual required
  • The buttons have individual functions, which is a great relief because there are other devices in the market that provide a multitude of functions for a single button
  • The two condenser microphones are placed on opposite axes so the sound is always recorded from a sound source that is set at equal distance from both mics
  • Easy to use for non-techies
  • Sound quality is exceptional


  • It has an awkwardly placed mini-jack microphone input
  • The unit is hardly tiny
  • The H4n does a memory check during boot-up and the more memory you have the longer it takes

Check out this comprehensive video review

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Who is this product for?

If you're a guitarist or bass player you'll probably love this device. The built in 4 track recorder and effects are perfect for musicians. As is the integration with Cubase for mixing down.

Students, teachers, musicians and event producers will like device because it is pretty affordable, compact and easy to use. A radio journalist may not find the device very handy because its features are more useful for a musician.

People who are entering into the music field and are novices will also find this device extremely useful. Teachers can make use of this device in classes, especially language classes where pronunciations are given a lot of importance. Conferences and seminars can be recorded with the help of H4n and the listeners can easily playback or edit the audio and listen only to the edited version.

Why should you buy this product?

The Zoom H4n Recorder allows for impeccable sound recording with absolutely no loss of sound. The device allows for 24-bit/96kHz linear PCM recording. This is very important when one needs to record events, seminars and conferences.

Since this is light, compact and portable, one can carry this device into the midst of an audience to capture sounds. You can record four channels at one time and no software is required. The less baggage one needs to carry the better, and this device will definitely help reduce baggage.

You also get some nice accessories with it including a wind muffler, mic clip adaptor and protective case.

What Are People Saying About The Zoom H4n?

"It's so easy to use even for me and the resulting sound quality is outstanding. This recorder is highly recommended. I'm a violinist and I often record what I play so this device is perfect for that."
Helen - (paraphrased. Read the full review here)


The overwhelming reports for most people is that this is a top little recorder with excellent sound quality and ease of use. It may be a little bulier than you think but that's not an issue for most people. Don't pay more than $300 for it online

Portable Recorder Report: Zoom H2 Recorder Review

Zoom H2The Zoom H2  Recorder
Average User Rating:
Read the reviews here

The Zoom H2 Handy Recorder is an easy to use, portable recording device with recording quality that is quite unique for both its size and price. Its contains a total of 4 internal microphones, capable of 360 degree recording in high-definition stereo sound.

The unit has a wide range of applications that include; recording business conferences, class-room seminars, music performances, and podcasting. However, it is really up to your imagination what its limits are.

If you hear a sound that pleasingly pounds on your ear drum, the Zoom H2 Recorder can instantly capture that sound in the moment.

Let's have a look at some of the features:

  • Contains four internal microphones, making it capable of capturing 360 degrees of sound.
  • USB 2.0 port is built-in for quick and easy for data transfer.
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Included 512mb SD media card for saving the recorded sounds internally.
  • Maximum card size is 16gig SD card, allowing a total of 24hours of recording time in 16-bit mode
  • Record directly to the SD card or record on to your computer via the USB connection.
  • Records in MP3 format up to 320kbps qualit and WAV format at 96kHz, 48kHz, and 44.1kHz at 16-bit quality or 24-bit quality.
  • 1/8" stereo output so you can easily monitor the sound your recording with headphones.

Here's a good in-depth review of the Zoom H2 recorder

You can save 50% on this recorder at Amazon here

Pros vs Cons:

  • Great size and portability, fits right in a coat pocket / Not exactly fashionable like a sleek ipod (but who really cares?)
  • Runs off of two AA batteries, which being batteries, eventually out but it also takes a power wall adapter.
  • The recording quality is fantastic but the viewing screen is a little small.
  • Recorded files get stored conveniently on the 512mb SD card. This can fill up if you record a lot but you can also upgrade to a 16gig SD card.
  • Easy USB transfer of recorded files to PC and it can even be powered via USB when plugged into your computer.
  • Comes with a variety of recording modes for professional quality.
  • Sound files can be converted into other formats directly in the device, rather than converting them on the computer.
  • The menu screen is not that necessary but does come in handy on occasion.

Who is this product for?
As previously stated, the Zoom H2 Recorder is a great recording solution for all different types of people. Musicians may use it to record their live performances or their practice sessions to evaluate what they need to work on. College students may use it to record long lectures that they might otherwise forget. It is also very practical to have during business meetings or seminars.

Why should you buy this product?
People looking for a quick and easy, yet professional quality recording solution could seriously benefit from the Zoom H2. The majority of users report that it records high quality sound, has a slim form factor that makes it very portable, and it quickly integrates with your computer for recording or data transfer.

Also, If you are a creative person and constantly have ideas at strangest moments, like when your driving or just before you fall asleep, the Zoom Recorder could be a great companion for quickly capturing your ideas for the next great invention or novel.

What Have People Been Saying About The Zoom H2?

"Zoom have produced an awesome recorder here. I really love it but I just wish it had a slow-down function so that I could transcribe stuff."
by Lyndsey (Rewritten for uniqueness. Read the full review here)

"The recording quality and clearness is amazing. I have a computer with a Creative Labs sound card and this recorder is way better than that."
by Stan (Rewritten for uniqueness. Read the full review here)

Zoom H2

Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal Review

Line6-Delay-PedalA true artist by nature, is constantly looking for ways to expand creatively. For musicians, it's often that creative 'edge' that separates the mundane from the original; the merely functional from the exceptionally unique.

To 'challenge oneself' is the artist's credo. Adding a complement of cutting edge tools can take one's creativity to the next level. The 'Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal' is precisely such a tool.

(by the way this pedal is available for cheap at Amazon here)

Transforming Kent Into The Big 'S'

The 'Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal' will allow you to enhance an otherwise clean-sound by adding a limitless array of effects. Bends, riffs, slides, dive-bombs, etc. all suddenly take on new meaning.

Your axe is immediately transformed into a guitar 'hero' (apologies for the pun).

Features include:

  • Built in Loop Sampler (with 14 seconds memory) can store up to 3 presets
  • 800ms of Pre-delay (further extending delay range... within the initial delay)
  • Expression Pedal Input providing real-time control
  • Up to 30 hours running time on batteries (quick note: also opt for the optional PX-2G AC Adapter to reduce persistent battery replacement – just a word to the wise)
  • Onboard Tap Tempo footswitch adds ability to match delays with tempo of song being played

The Good, The Bad, The Nondescript

The DL4's range of offerings is impressive. Four foot switches and six knobs for loops, delays, reversals, ping pongs, echoes, overdubs and more present endless possibilities. Despite a relative number of complaints about its 'supposed' lack of durability, unless you're the unusually cavalier type, the DL4 is actually quite durable. My own personal complaint is that the unit looks like Lee De Forest built it himself – and the color doesn't exactly help either. Thankfully, its performance more than makes up for its lack of sex appeal.

R U... 'The One'
The DL4 is truly for the bold & brave (at heart). While I certainly would not call myself an ardent fan of Line 6, this product nonetheless is exceptional. In the right (even not so right) hands it's capable of truly amazing feats. Guitarists, vocalists (or both) and everyone in between should appreciate what this pedal has to offer.

Get What You Deserve

The Line 6 DL4 Delay Pedal retails for nearly the same as when it was originally released, although it's quality has since improved. Every sound can be expanded to allow for even greater creative control. As such, regardless of skill level this unit constantly challenges you. It's potential is only limited by your imagination.

User Opinions
“I have 17 years playing guitar, and this is the most amazing delay that I ever used before. I play all kind of music, from pop to black melodic metal”. From: Cesar “Rotten Souls vocals”

“If you are a fan of the delay sound buy this product. 4.5 stars. I've had it for about 2 weeks and its starting to interfere with my personal life. Any free moment I have all I want to do is go play with my new toy.” (amended) From: jef “johnny2boots”