Cheap Electric Guitar Packages

We've looked at the top 4 best selling cheap electric guitar packages. The following product has received more great reviews than any other electric guitar package from a huge number of buyers on Amazon. I recommend that you check it out:


Best Overall Electric Guitar Package: Fender Starcaster Strat Pack 3-Tone Sunburst

Average User Rating:

I strongly recommend that you check out this guitar package. No sore fingers! This is probably the closest you'll get to a real Strat without coughing up hundreds of dollars. It includes everything you need to get started including strings, picks, strap, gigbag, guitar stand, and instructional DVD.

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These other electric guitar packages are also VERY good and worth checking out. I've looked at over a dozen guitar packages available online and these are the ones that people have said that they are pleased with:


Best Package for Accessories & Extras - Silvertone SS10 Citation Guitar & Amp Package

Average User Rating:style3_4

What I love about this guitar is that most people have reported that it's very well built and made of solid materials. This means not only that it will last but that it will resonate and sound better. You also get a huge bundle of extras including a cable, strap and picks. You can get it cheap on Amazon at the moment.

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Best For Jazz - Fender Stop Dreaming, Start Playing Set
Average User Rating: style3_4

It has a 5 position selector switch which means it's great at everything from sweet jazz tones to twangy surf tones. Users have also reported that it has extremely good construction as you would expect from Fender. You get nice light gauge Fender strings with it making it easy and smooth to play if you're a beginner. No sore fingers!

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Best For Complete Beginners - Electric Guitar Pack For DummiesAverage User Rating:

If you're just starting out this could be the perfect electric guitar pack. Users report that it has everything you need to get started including gig bag, picks and chord chart. It might not be as cool as a Fender but if you're used to the Dummies series then you might like this one.
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Boss RC2 Loop Station: A Guitarists Personal Orchestra

Boss-RC2-Loop-PedalMusicians who have a variety of musical tastes will be greatly impressed with the Boss RC2 Loop Station.  The stomp box, or the pedal, has created percussion sounds which have the effect of making your basic sound far better.

Right from guitarists to drum players everyone has and continues to use the pedal to enhance their music as well as the  listening experience.

I would give this stomp box a nearly perfect rating; these are the reasons behind that particular assessment of this product. This particular product has some outstanding features that are described in the following list.  For starters, this is an extremely durable pedal for your money. Regardless of the level of interest that you have in playing, as well as your experience, you will be simply impressed by the quality of sound you receive.

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The second outstanding feature found in the Boss RC2 Loop Station is its tremendous sound quality which is not typical in other devices of this type.  Your music will benefit from the clear ringing of the sound this stomp box will give you. Whatever musical instrument you are playing will be adjusted to, and the style of music you play will also be compensated for.

This model very easily blends with the instruments tonal quality giving it a good sound which is very uncommon in products of this category.  It also accommodates other pedals and gives the musician what he needs to make his music desirable.

The Boss RC2 Loop Station enables the musician to loop and dub for up to sixteen minutes of recording time. For music listeners as well as for music players, this loop station is definitely worth a try.  If you are learning a new genre of music or getting better at your favorite style already, you would do well to invest in this. No matter what you use it for, you could do a lot worse than getting this loop station.

Loop stations like these take a little bit of practice in order to provide the best loops. You can take this loop station wherever you please with the help of the durable red case. You might feel a little daunted by all of the features you have to work with at first, but you can read up on them and get used to it. In the end, you should really get this loop station if you want the best looping possible for a good price.

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